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Spring Shoot (White Rock Lake, Dallas) @danimal2006

Paige Hill & Isaac Sloane; shoot for record collaboration (2023, Dallas) @danimal2006

Winter Shoot (White Rock Lake, Dallas) @danimal2006

2023 Live full-band show at Rustic (Dallas) with Evan Boyer & The Remedy @wafflesweekley

KUTX Austin, 98.9 Song of the Day (February 21, 2024) - "Go West" [ PREMIERE]  Austin, TX

People & Places is set to showcase a seasoned sense of wisdom that can only come from a modern Texas woman.

So as we move towards People & Places – out later this Spring – we join Paige Hill on the journey she took from her native Austin out to the California coast way back when. Aptly “Go West”, this lead single makes us want to get up and move, plain and simple. While its instrumental arrangement is pretty tight, Paige’s soulful, reverberating vocals round out the song’s sense of space like a cross-country snow globe.” - Jack Anderson, KUTX Austin SONG-OF-THE-DAY

Jupiter Index Interview (September 2023)

There are such artists such as Paige Hill who artfully tell a story through their music. Her debut EP, Good Woman, features five songs and all the while Hill crafts heartfelt songs such as “No Sweetness, No Love.” Laugh, cry or muse over her songs, Hill’s music has the feel of ’70s-style country with a bit of soul, and contemporary rock and blues.

Consider Hill’s Good Woman a good start, and one that shows this artist will be focused on craft and storytelling. Her songs will in turn bring many listeners closer to this artist and her music.

Link to full article (Jupiter Index Interview September 2023)

KUTX Austin, 98.9 Song of the Day (May 10, 2023) - "Sticks and Stones PREMIERE" - Austin, TX

“Gendered sense of strength surrounds Paige Hill’s … Good Woman [that] embodies some of the most resilient female characteristics [and] tackles ‘70s style country and classic soul on top of contemporary rock and blues for an Americana-anchored odyssey.” - Jack Anderson, KUTX Austin SONG-OF-THE-DAY

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Paige Hill & Isaac Sloane photo shoot for "Go It Alone" June 2023 release @danimal2006

2023 Live full-band show at Three-Links (Dallas) with Evan Boyer & The Remedy @danimal2006

BGV recording session for Evan Boyer at Audio Dallas (September 2022) @danimal2006